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We have built an ecosystem around our conception of Fashion Law to enhance the active learning of our students and keeping feedback to the FLIS® community. This ecosystem brings close knowledge of the fashion industry and valuable resources for professional updating and higher visibility to network members.

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Mar 25, 7:00 PM GMT+1
El fenómeno de los influencers llegó para quedarse, pero aún hay carencia de dispositivos legales que regulen la publicidad. En este FLIS® Fashion Law Encuentro Virtual, abogados, influencers y profesionales de la moda conversarán sobre la publicidad digital con influencers y las mejores prácticas.
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In 2018 the International Fashion Law Network (IFLN) is created as a global organization to promote training, professional expertise, recognition and systematic dissemination of Fashion Law as a new legal and professional practice discipline.

FLIS® Fashion and Law Today´s is the first publication specialized in Fashion and Law in Spanish

FLIS® is a bi-monthly magazine with an innovative focus on fashion, fashion law, career, culture and the international fashion law community.

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