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Law Network

Madrid 21 Nov 2018

The meeting

 #IFLN 2018

On November 21, 2018 it produced the first international fashion law. Specialized lawyers from the fashion sector presented it from 10 countries took part, including Spain as host country. 

Taken part fashion designers, models, influencers, bloggers and other actors in the fashion and luxury industry. International organizations of intellectual property, advocacy and sustainable fashion also joined.


This meeting, organized by the Spanish Institute of Fashion Law (FLIS®), is the first world event of the “International Network of Fashion Law”, in which Spanish, Latin America, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish speakers will take part.

With a mixed and brief dynamic, the meeting will take place through three round tables and one brief presentations.

To know the topics of the presentations and round tables click here.


The speakers

Fashion Law Institute Argentina

Pamela Echeverría



Compliance at Fashion Law

Lawyer with orientation in Business Law, from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has done a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property from the Austral University, with WIPO. She is an Industrial Property Agent, developing her professional work as a lawyer on issues related to intellectual and industrial property in Argentina in her law firm Pamela Echeverría Lawyers.

She is the founder of the Fashion Law Institute in Argentina and Director of the blog “Law of Fashion”, (, the first and blog dedicated to the matter in Argentina.

Likewise, she has been coordinator with Susy Bello Knoll and André Mendes of the book “Moda, Luxo e Direito”, edited by El Dial.

He has collaborated in the drafting of the conclusions of the book “Law of fashion in Peru”, published by the Muñiz Study of Peru. Likewise, she has been the guest editor of the Argentine chapter in the “Ibero-American Fashion Law Guide”, published by ASIPI.



Criminal Law in Fashion Law

PhD student and Master in Criminal Law at Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Coordinator of the post-graduate program in Fashion Law at Faculdade Santa Marcelina. Specialist in Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Salamanca. Specialist in Economics and European Criminal Law at the Faculdade de Direito DA Universidade de Coimbra. Postgraduate degree in Fashion and Design from the Faculty of Santa Marcelina. Criminal Lawyer.

The Faculdade Santa Marcelina, renowned for its pioneering, tradition and training of professionals and creative entrepreneurs, created, in 2017, the first Brazilian post-graduate program in Fashion Law, coordinated by attorney Regina Ferreira, with a faculty composed of great names in law and fashion.

Fashion Law Brasil

Regina Ferreira
Los pies en el cemento

Fashion Law Colombia

María Juliana Marín



Commercial presence of a fashion brand in Colombia

María Juliana Marín Villarreal, is a Colombian lawyer, specializing in Commercial Law from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She has a WIPO-certified specialist in Intellectual Property, and specialist in Fashion and Luxury Marketing and Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Elle Magazine Spain. She is a Master’s degree in Fashion Law from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues in Madrid.

She teaches Fashion Law at LCI Bogotá and is a pioneer of Fashion Law in Colombia.




She focuses on Fashion Law, from 2016 to date she is the Director and Editor of the first Chilean Fashion Law Blog “Fashion Law Chile”: fashion law. Cl. She has also been a speaker in the years 2016 and 2018 at the International Fashion Law Seminar organized by the Universidad Mayor and the law journal LWLR. In addition, on two occasions the aforementioned LWYR magazine has published her articles on Fashion Law.

Fashion Law Chile

María José González

Ana Paula Rodao


Founder of the Fashion Law and Design Consultancy FASHION LAW.

Notary Public

Attorney General of the University of the Republic.

Public Auctioneer UTU (Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay). Graduated in 2006.

2003-2004 John XXIII Pre-University Institute


Uruguayan Association of Notaries.Representative of the Public Law Commission of the Uruguayan Association of Notaries.Representative of the Support Commission of Notaries Public of the Uruguayan Association of Notaries. Member of the Institute of Commercial Law of the Law School of the University of the Republic. Specialties: Fashion Law, Legal Aspects of the Creative Industries, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Contracts, Real Estate.

Sin t°tulo.jpg

Annalucia Fasson


Analucia Fasson, Master in Finance and Corporate Law at ESAN. Strategic leader with excellent decision-making and negotiation skills. She has excellent criteria and great creativity in the search for solutions. High level of responsibility, proactive, easy to learn, quick to adapt to change and results oriented. Can work under pressure with effective time management.


Joao Fraga


Law degree from the Portuguese Catholic University, Economics branch. Post-Graduation in Management. Master in Fashion Law. Master in Management and Taxation from the Institute of Financial and Fiscal Studies (IESF)

Civil and Commercial Mediator (recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice)

Areas of action:

Legal and tax restructuring of companies

Mergers and acquisitions

Co-organizer of the first postgraduate course in Fashion Law at the Portuguese Catholic University.

Fashion Turquía

Irmak Yilmaz

A graduate of Galatasaray University with a master’s degree in psycholinguistics, Irmak’s thesis Yılmaz written in French on the combination of languages, fashion centers, current trends and management strategies of 286 fashion brands became the first study analyzed from this perspective in the world. Yilmaz also studied fashion management and marketing at the European Fashion Institute in Paris and was trained by Susanne Tide-Frater.

After working for several luxury brands in Turkey such as Vakko, Irmak Yilmaz became the founding partner of Brandcared, the first and only fashion management company in Turkey. Yılmaz is a consultant on management strategies for new fashion companies, retail brands and designers in the fashion sector, and a professor of fashion business administration at the Fashion Law Institute in Istanbul. Yilmaz’s articles on fashion management and strategy are published monthly in Harvard Business Review, Turkey.

After working for several luxury brands in Turkey such as Baku, Irmak Yilmaz became the founding partner of Brandcared, the first and only fashion management company in Turkey. Yılmaz is a consultant on management strategies for new fashion companies, retail brands and designers in the fashion sector, and a professor of fashion business administration at the Fashion Law Institute in Istanbul. Yilmaz’s articles on fashion management and strategy are published monthly in Harvard Business Review, Turkey.


Fashion Law Institute Turquía

Ponencia Fashion Tech

Foto Alejandro Klock_edited.jpg

Alejandro Klock


CE Consulting Empresarial offers, through its national network of representative offices, comprehensive consulting services to professionals and companies on tax, accounting, legal and labor matters.

Since 2018 Alejandro is an ambassador of Fashion Law Institute Spain in Russia.


Anna Heich


Lawyer with experience in the fashion industry in Russia. Author of the book Fashion Law in Russia.

Artem Levedev


A lawyer of the well-known Russian designer, Slava Zaitsev. Presentation: round table No. 3.

Isabel Antón

Professor of Private International Law at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid since 2009, she has been a doctor of law since 2014, and her doctoral thesis with international mention got the highest grade and awarded an extraordinary prize in law. Accredited to the category of professor hired by the ANECA since September 2017, she is director of the course Fashion Law: International Law and Fashion and editorial secretary of the legal journal “Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional”. Isabel has lectured and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in many masters.

Emilia Zaballos

Businesswoman and lawyer, I have been creating and transmitting a different way of embracing the challenges and achieving success as a renowned legal professional for 30 years. Founder and responsible for the significant business growth of the firm, ZABALLOS ABOGADOS in its different national/international forms, and in the legal and commercial areas.

Esperanza López

Lawyer in the Information Technology and Intellectual Property area of ECIJA. She has over 5 years of experience advising national and international companies on new technologies, intellectual property, internet, privacy and data protection, e-commerce and telecommunications. She is also in the recognized.As an External Expert of the Executive Service of thePrevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC).Bachelor of Laws.

Alberto Cabello

Practising lawyer, managing partner of AC&VM lawyers, specializing in commercial and civil law: business advice and business development.Arbitrator of CIMA for the Community of Madrid.He belongs to teaching teams from different universities and business schools, specialized in professional and managerial skills.President of the Young Lawyers Association (AJA-Madrid) Madrid Bar Association.

Rubén Gil es experto en la monetización de marcas de prestigio. Abre nuevas vías de negocio para dueños de marcas y ayuda a empresarios a encontrar marcas que potencien sus ventas. Tiene una experiencia de más de 16 años trabajando en ámbitos como la moda, donde colabora con Devota & Lomba o Roberto Torretta, la televisión donde desarrolla negocio para la marca The Walking Dead o la Alta Cocina, donde trabaja con Paco Roncero. Es profesor en diversos Masters de Moda e Industrias Culturales en las universidades de Juan Carlos I y UFV, en la Escuela de Unidad Editorial y en la IMF Business School. Asimismo, publica artículos sobre Licensing de forma regular en la revista Harvard Deusto Business Review. Es Executive MBA por Esade, PADEM por ISEM y MIBer por ISDI. Es el CEO y Fundador de Enjoy Brand Licensing, y actualmente está trabajando en un proyecto para captación de clientes potenciales on line y su conversión off line con Devota & Lomba.

CEO Enjoy Branding

Rubén Gil

Experto en licencias

Legal Councel at Loewe

Jaime López de Villareal

 Legal Councel de LOEWE desde abril de 2017. Con anterioridad ejercí como abogado mercantilista en Ventura-Garcés & López-Ibor abogados y en el Departamento de Derecho Financiero de PWC. Licenciado en Derecho y Administración y Dirección de Empresas por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Cursé el Máster en Corporate Law del Instituto de Empresa. Idiomas: Español, Inglés y francés.

LOEWE se dedica al diseño, fabricación, distribución y venta de prendas prêt-à-porter, bolsos de lujo y artículos de piel para señora y caballero, así como accesorios de moda de la más alta gama.

Letrado de las Cortes Generales y Abogado.

Ha sido Director de Relaciones Internacionales e Interparlamentarias y Director de Estudios y Documentación del Congreso de los Diputados. Ha asesorado a distintas Comisiones legislativas del Parlamento así como a la Junta Electoral Central. 

Preside el Despacho Ruiz-Navarro&Abogados desde 1980. Está especializado en derecho civil y mercantil así como en derecho administrativo, específicamente en los sectores regulados como financiero, contratación pública, energía, telecomunicaciones y tecnologías digitales.

Profesor de Derecho Civil en la Universidad Complutense y de Derecho Europeo en la Universidad Carlos III y San Pablo –CEU de Madrid.

Es autor de distintos libros jurídicos y de numerosos artículos en revistas de derecho así como colaborador en diarios económicos.

Es miembro correspondiente de la Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación así como de distintas organizaciones internacionales de carácter universitario y científico.

Letrado de las Cortes

José Luis Ruiz-Navarro